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  • Samuel

    Announcements . 1 week ago

    Happy Penang Carnival Goodies Collection Update

    Please take note of the latest collection times for the Happy Penang Carnival:   Date: 1st December 2023 Time: 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM Venue: Persatuan Minda D'Home   Date: 2nd December 2023 Time: 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM Venue: Persatuan Minda D'...

  • Samuel

    Cycling . 4 days ago

    City Ride 2024 Slots Wanted

    Hi gaiz, looking for 1-2 City Ride 2024 slots at Penang. DM me if you want to let go. Thank you!

  • Riasna

    Cycling . 49 minutes ago

    Best Casino

    What specific features and experiences at casino make you feel like the hero of your gaming epic? How do the bonuses, described as magical artifacts, enhance your chances of winning and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of this royal gambling world?

  • Andew Andreevich

    News & Updates . 8 hours ago

    Power tools

    How do power tools serve as the maestros of creation, orchestrating precision and power in various tasks, and which tools, such as the jigsaw, power drill, circular saw, router, and angle grinder, contribute to this symphony of innovation in craftsmanship?

  • greetingsfromafrica

    General Chat . 11 hours ago

    Symphony of Culture: Africans Happy Birthday Extravaganza at Greetingsfromafrica.net

    Embark on a symphony of cultural celebration with Greetingsfromafrica.net, the epitome of personalized video blessings. This online haven is designed to orchestrate a grand celebration, infusing your special moments with the vibrant and diverse rhythms of African culture. At t...

  • Ostin Calison

    General Chat . 20 hours ago

    ¿Qué plataforma de apuestas en Argentina me recomiendas?

    ¡Hola! Decidí dedicarme a las apuestas deportivas y escuché que existen excelentes plataformas en Argentina. ¿Alguien tiene alguna recomendación sobre la mejor plataforma de apuestas en Argentina? ¿Cuál tiene una interfaz fác...

  • Kenneth Wells

    News & Updates . 1 day ago

    Apuestas deportivas

    Me gustaría saber de la comunidad sobre sus experiencias con estrategias en las apuestas deportivas. ¿Han encontrado una estrategia específica que funcione bien para un tipo particular de deporte o equipo? ¿Cómo manejan el proceso de ajuste cont...

  • vvaeu

    General Chat . 1 day ago


    Hello. Can you recommend a cheap moving company to help me with my move to DeLand?

  • JohnIng6

    General Chat . 1 day ago

    How save a video from YouTube

    How can I save a video from YouTube to my device?

  • Jays Swanson

    Hobbies . 1 day ago

    Free music downloads

    What free music download services do you know and what do you recommend?

  • Jackson Drew

    General Chat . 1 day ago

    Download MetaMask Extension - MetaMask Wallet Extension

    In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, one tool has become indispensable for users navigating the decentralized web – MetaMask. This article explores the intricacies of the MetaMask extension, from its fundamental features to its role in the world of Non-Fungible...

  • Boos Ter

    General Chat . 2 days ago

    send money to India

    Hi, how do I send money to India? 

  • Hera Bera

    General Chat . 2 days ago

    decentralized crypto exchange

    Help me find a decentralized crypto exchange. Thanks in advance

  • Jacira Gian-nah-tah

    Art & Culture . 2 days ago

    academic pressures are on the rise

    In the digital age, where academic pressures are on the rise, students often turn to writing services to alleviate the burden of assignments. LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, has become a hub for students seeking and sharing insights on various aspects of their acade...

  • Hera Bera

    General Chat . 3 days ago

    Essay for all

    Working on my dissertation, I realized I needed expert guidance and found it at https://writepaper.com/write-my-dissertation. The writer assigned to my project was highly skilled and knowledgeable. They helped me formulate a strong thesis and supported me throughout the res...

  • Falo ven

    General Chat . 3 days ago

    What are they reading now?

    How do lifestyle changes associated with the digital age affect reading preferences and formats (e-books, audiobooks, etc.)? What is the role of discussing read works on social networks and reading clubs in shaping literary taste and enriching the experience of readers?

  • Sasha Rebels

    Hobbies . 3 days ago

    gates of olympus

    Hello who can say about gates of olympus slot?

  • Bakol

    Tips & Sharing . 3 days ago

    Registation of company in Malta

    Hi everyone, is there any way to register the company in Malta?

  • Toha Haatim

    General Chat . 3 days ago

    Riyadh Reimagined: Navigating the ERP Software Landscape

    Greetings, Riyadh Innovators! Embark on a digital odyssey through the bustling heart of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh! Share your experiences, insights, and recommendations on erp software riyadh reshaping business dynamics in the capital city. Whether it's streamlining oper...

  • Zin geR

    General Chat . 3 days ago

    Clothes for children

    Which store offers a unique range of children's clothing, including seasonal collections and everyday wear for different ages?

  • Riasna

    Event Discussion . 4 days ago

    Pubg online

    How does PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) maintain its global player base through a combination of immersive gameplay, tactical variety across diverse maps like Erengel, Miramar, and Vikendi, and a commitment to constant updates? Additionally, how does PUBG's emphasis...