Larian Dengan VIP June 2024

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Welcome to the Larian Dengan VIP 2024 event page! 



Mark your calendar every Friday for the Month of April - Larian Dengan VIP 2024 is going to be a grand, fun time! 

This time we will accompanied with Guide runners for the blind, a changes to get to know them better in our community. Alongside participations with MSNPP.


Gathering point will be at here as picture below (Opposite Gurney Walk)



Larian Dengan VIP 2024 registration is now open and the closing date is on the 28th June 2024. 


Here are some tips on Guide Running and the team sport of running with VIPs:



Every week we have a different challenges for all. Come and join us to experience something new! 


If you missed the previous Larian Lepas Kerja, now is your chance to join. Get in now as limited slots are available! 


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Front Side

Larian Dengan VIP June 2024 T-shirt

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Larian Dengan VIP June 2024 T-shirt



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